Rule 1. Character accounts: There is no limit but we reserve the right to delete accounts if you've not logged in for more than a year. - You are responsible for all activities on your accounts. Safeguard your password. Do not share it with others. - Mimicry of characters is strictly prohibited. Try to keep your characters as original as is possible. If you are contacted by someone who has the same ideas as you for their character and they are not comfortable with the similarities, you are to attempt to alter your character enough that it is different. For example, you may both still be a similar race, but you may have to alter your character's general appearance, abilities, or history to make it more your own. If you don't know how to do this, try talking to the person who contacted you. More often than not, they are gladly willing to try to help you come up with new ideas. There are so many creative minds in Elysium RPG to gain assistance from!

Rule 2. Interactions with staffers: Staffers volunteer their time without compensation to keep Elysium RPG a relaxed and fun place to play. - Rulings of staff members are final. Do not argue with a staff member in the execution of their duties. - If you are given direction by a staffer, comply. If you are unable to comply, send a petition immediately. - If you disagree with the decision of the staffer, or feel you have been wronged, comply with their wishes, and log out. Send an email to and your situation will be evaluated by the RPGLink Resolution Team.

Rule 5. Chat etiquette: Following these simple guidelines will keep our chats moving smoothly. - Chat speak (wtf, omg, lmao, rofl, etc) is not allowed in chats on Elysium RPG. - Any use of a foreign language requires a translation immediately afterwards in parenthesis (). If a given translation is found to be false or misleading, the offending player will be muted. Use of unicode symbols (aka wingdings, emojis, etc) are to be done at the risk of the player. If said symbols are incompatible with the chat, or cause the AJAX features to act improperly, the offending post will be deleted immediately by the moderator on duty. - Excessive foul language is not permitted. We employ a filter to block certain restricted words. While we understand that you may wish to express yourself with a profane word or two, and we have no problems with that, we do reserve the right to limit such usage. If you trip the filter, do NOT ask what word tripped it, nor should you attempt to avoid the filter. Any such effort will result in a mute not to exceed 3 real-life days. - OOC is confined to the OOC chat room, YoMs and dwellings. Site rules regarding content still apply.

Rule 6. Discipline: Disciplining players is no fun, and we are all here to enjoy ourselves. If you act in a manner contrary to our rules, you will receive disciplinary action. - Discipline may be as simple as a warning, or as complicated as a permanent ban. If you are disciplined, please accept the discipline, and log out if you desire. Please send in a petition if you do not believe that such discipline was warranted, and be prepared to explain why and present any evidence you may have. - If you attempt to evade discipline (creating an alt character to evade a mute, switching IP addresses, etc), you will be caught and permanently banned from our site.

Rule 7. Advertising, links, other sites: It may sound very trivial, but the site staff works very hard to keep Elysium RPG an enjoyable place for all. To that end, we take any attempt to "poach" or divert our players to another site very seriously. - Any link (including those to avatars, youtube, etc) posted on-site (chat, YoM, bio, etc.) without explicit permission of the owner(s) or the server administrator (RPGLink) is strictly prohibited. - Mentioning any ACTIVE/DEAD/CLOSED LoGD site that is NOT a member of RPGLink ( unless expressly permitted by the site owners or staffer on duty (doesn't hurt to ask) is strictly prohibited. This includes mentioning of other sites either by name or abbreviation. - Conversely, if a report comes in about you violating this rule on another site by advertising, you will be disciplined as well. - We're here to have a good time and to escape the confinement of reality, or the persecution of others on other games. There is an advertising tracker and filter installed on this realm, and it will notify the staffers if and when a player violates this rule. Failure to comply will result in removal of your right to send YoMs, muting, or possible banishment.

Rule 8. General civility expected: Not everyone gets along all of the time, and we respect that. To that end, we are confident that there is no player on this site who wishes to be accused of or the recipient of cyber bullying. We will treat any unwarranted attack on a player as such. If you choose not to be civil, we offer both chat ignore and YoM ignore features. Use them.

Rule 9. Cheating: There are many facets to the term cheating. Any discovery of these will result in disciplinary action. - Godmodding is taking control of another player's character. Whether that be attacking and not giving the player a chance to block or doing something to another player's property without their permission first. Godmod can also be when a player never takes a hit, they always avoid the attacks. Let's face it, no-one is THAT good. Also new characters should not be all powerful at first, you will need to build them up first. Godmod is frowned upon by others, and it is not fun for the other participant(s) who might be trying to develop their characters at a comfortable pace. Please read our player forums for more information on godmodding and metagaming. - Finding a bug and exploiting it for your personal gain (this includes using scripts to DK/level and forge) is considered cheating, and will be treated as such. It is strongly recommended that you petition in such a bug. You may be rewarded for doing so. Over-purchasing hitpoints to defeat players in PvP is such an exploit, and is frowned upon. If necessary, we will restrict players from PvP, limit hitpoints, or remove the ability to purchase hitpoints.

Note 1. OOC Comments: There is no OOC comments allowed in any villages. There are dwellings and scrolls for things such as this. There is a site wide OOC channel found in any village called "OOC CHAT ONLY" that OOC comments can go that sometimes is available, talk to other players and etc. There will be NO roleplay allowed in this particular area either. Any questions, petition in.

Note 2. Elysium RPG offers a No Cyber Ribbon (or medal) for those who do not wish to partake in such. Petition in if you are curious about said medal.

Note 3. Please keep your drama off of Elysium RPG. Players come onto Elysium RPG to escape reality, talk to their friends and roleplay. This is a NO DRAMA site and will remain as such, if caught trying to start such upon site, actions will be taken.

Note 4. If you insist on playing a character under the age of 18 then it is up to you to petition in and ask for either the no cyber ribbon or no cyber medal. If you are caught without one appropriate action will be taken up to and including a permanent ban.

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